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Property Manager and Maintenance

Gain peace of mind when you let an experienced property manager from Castlerock Real Estate handle your property maintenance needs.


Come to the experts for A-to-Z maintenance that includes anything from lawn to utility conservation. Cut the cost of your bills when you let us find cost-effective solutions for your utilities, including electric, heat, and water.


We make recommendations on energy efficiency measures you can take, such as installing energy efficient windows.​



Keep your tenants happy when you let our team ensure your condominium is running smoothly. We check all the water utilities for leaks, and we even provide installation services for water conserving toilets that help you keep more money in your pocket.


Our property management services also include an energy efficiency program where we help you replace your old windows with energy efficient windows at an affordable rate. By providing an experienced manager on-site once a week for proper maintenance, we provide ongoing services to help you save money. ​

Homeowners Association

Let our certified property managers provide you with services that fit your budget. We offer weekly homeowners association meetings, along with production meetings with all the staff and independent contractors.


We pay attention to the curb appeal of your properties, working with your landscaper or assisting you in selecting one for a great first impression on potential buyers.​

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